Customizable Front Page

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What is a custom front page?

By default, WordPress front pages display a dynamic list of your most recent posts; a custom front page can be set up to display static content of your choice instead. This can extend WordPress' functionality to create a look that is more suitable for commercial or professional sites. NextElement comes with two premade custom front pages for your use, but if you prefer you can always create your own by using shortcodes.

Custom Frontpage v.1

Live Demo Source

Custom Frontpage v.2

Live Demo Source

How to add a custom front page

  1. Create a new page.
    On your dashboard, go to Pages > Add New to create a new page. You can fill this page with your own content, or use the source code provided with the examples above - just copy and paste the entire code into the new page. Once you have filled the new page with your desired content, click the Publish button.

  2. Select the new page as your custom front page.
    Go to Settings > Reading and select your new page as static front page. Click the Save Changes button to complete the process, and enjoy your new custom front page!