Insert Video

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Insert video in a Featured Page.


  1. Flash video tends to overlap the html elements, i.e. a drop-down menu displays below the video.
  2. By default Featured Pages have a padding of 30px on the top and left. This is necessary for textual content; however, if you would like the video to fill the entire Featured Page space, you will need to remove this padding.

Video Requirements

  • Width is 480px
  • Height is 385px


  1. A special tag, wmode=”opaque”, must be added at the end of the embed code.
  2. To remove the padding, wrap the code with the [feat_object] .. [/feat_object] shortcode.
  3. To disable WP automatic formatting, wrap the code with the [noformat] .. [/noformat] shortcode.
  4. Ensure that the correct video dimensions are set.

Codes for Inserting Videos

for YouTube
for Vimeo
for WordPress TV